jeudi 14 février 2013

Jeff Cyborg



Realised with 3DS max/Vray/Zbrush & Photoshop

Animation test

Concept Machine

The Cleaner 

Scan Machine

Stabilizer Gun

Realised with 3DS Max/Mental Ray

Packshot ZR48

Realised with 3ds Max/Mental Ray/Vray/After Effects/Sony Vegas Pro

Teaser Jurassic Park

Realised with 3DS Max/Vray/Zbrush/Mudbox/After Effects/Photoshop & Sony Vegas

Cité Lacustre Naogoaï

Realised with 3DS Max/Cinema 4D/Vray/After EffectAnima & Photoshop


         Realised with 3DS Max/Vray/Hairfarm/Zbrush & Photoshop

The Harkonnen

Realised with 3DS Max/Mental Ray & Photoshop